The Flesh Game

The much anticipated Flesh Game opened yesterday and I had the honor of going with some of my favorite people in SL!! Solace, Stephen, Aaragon and myself all piled into a skype conference and our journey in The Flesh Game began. Don’t worry I won’t be giving out any spoilers here, I will simply say it is hands down the MUST DO thing this Halloween season. There were lots of screams, giggles and in general good fun in skype with the crew and when all was said and done and it was time to walk through the exit door I hesitated simply because I wasn’t ready for it to be over yet. I want to say a HUGE thank you to those who worked so hard on making this such an amazing experience. I know you guys have been working for months to pull this all together simply for our enjoyment and I appreciate it more than you know. In the picture above Solace and I are wearing The Flesh Game tshirt which can be purchase for 0L at the exit door, these amazing Sn@tch latex pants that are one of a TON of gifts inside the game, and of course our contestant 7 badges!! The pictures below were taken before and after the game. Please excuse the quality of the pictures and the lack of formal poses, these were taken simply for my personal SL photo album of good times I’ve had with friends. Please do make sure you go over and try your hand at The Flesh Game, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

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