Delusional’s Blog Turns FIVE!!

Sometimes it seems as though time flies, yet other times it is as though time is standing still. My loyal and faithful readers have heard me tell the story of how this little blog started, but on this blog anniversary I feel compelled to tell the story again. Shortly after joining SL I met a man who very quickly became the better part of me. He was my missing piece, and as cliche’ as it may sound, I found the love of my life. This blog began on September 1, 2010 as a picture diary of sorts. We were half a world apart and often couldn’t be in SL together so I wanted him to be able to get his daily Del fix. Life ended up taking both of us in two separate directions, but on days like today I’m thankful that because of him this little blog was born

Now time for all the thank yous!! A HUGE thank you to Ivey for making Del beautiful with her new Sn@tch releases every single week, Truth Hawks for being the only hair to grace Del’s lovely head, Tricky Boucher for all his wonderful skins and mesh bodies. You guys are the best!!

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