The End

Though Delusional has been out of SL for over a year, I always considered this time nothing more than an extended break. As more and more time passed it has finally become clear that my time as Del and the countless years of blogging for all of you amazing people has come to an end. I always hate it when people drop off the face of the Earth without saying goodbye so I wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of my incredible followers for taking this journey with me, you ladies and gentlemen have been incredible!!! I can’t leave without mentioning some people that made my time in SL and blogging such a pleasure.

First, Aaragon who brought me to this world 7 years ago. I remember being a noob and wearing flexi hair and shoes that made a clicking noise when I walked. I remember our first house and the super expensive ring you bought me. Thank you for all the memories and for being such an important part of my life today. I love you more.

My dear friend Solace (good grief it took me forever to think of your SL name) who is more like my twin than anyone I’ve ever known. We quickly transitioned to RL friends and I am so blessed to have someone who always tells me the truth, even when it’s ugly, even when it hurts  I love you doll!

My favorite clothing designer, Ivey. Sn@tch was the first store I shopped at and from that moment I was hooked!! I can’t thank you enough for giving me the honor of blogging your creations each week. I’m so happy that we are Facebook friends. Keep up the amazing work!!

The first skin I ever owned was Belleza so when I was given the opportunity to blog for Tricky and the Belleza team I was star struck!! In my opinion there are no better skins than these!!

Truth wasn’t my first hair but I’m almost positive it was my second so when Truth hopped in my IMs one day I seriously fangirled!!! Blogging for him was more than an honor.

Looks like there’s nothing left to say other than to wish all of you much happiness, laughter, and love  in your SL but most importantly in your RL.


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